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As A Global Business Leader and Creator Of The Wild Business Movement, Sigourney Belle Is Here To Shatter All Your Attachments To Old-Fashioned, Outdated Paradigms That Are Holding You Back From Exponential Success ... On Your Own Terms

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Meet The Author

My name is Sigourney Belle. I am the founder and creator of the Wild Business™ movement that is unleashing for women the power, freedom, and respect of having their own business and being their own boss — without losing themselves in the process.

I see too many women playing by the old paradigm of masculine-derived business models, and wondering why they are failing.

You are a wild creature that is connected to nature. When you lose this natural connection, which can happen when you try to embrace ill-fitting, outdated paradigms, you lose your creative power. Your business struggles, and may even fail to get off the ground. I’m here to help you remember and fully leverage this connection.

As the creator of multiple global businesses myself, I am on a mission to ensure more women succeed in business. I've seen firsthand what it takes to thrive in a masculine environment while successfully carving my own path.

I will show you how to stay connected to your feminine intuition and creative genius. When you tap into your wild nature, you create a business that is both successful and nourishing to your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Sigourney Belle


...so you don’t have to make the same mistakes 
Dear Feminine, Wild Creature,

You are more than you have been told.

In fact, you are probably more than you will ever know.

And that's perfectly fine.

The truth is that I see you.

I know you are here for a reason.

You are suspecting that the methods of entrepreneurship and launching a business are not working for you...

Not because YOU are broken, but because these masculine archetypes of business success are not in flow with your feminine, natural creative force.

And that's why you have found this message at exactly the right time.

It is my greatest passion to inspire you to reclaim your wildness to embrace the greatest power you could ever claim.

You will find that when you tap into this eternal, infinite flow of feminine force within you, you become more than a force of nature.

You become the truth of who you were always meant to be.
It is my highest honor to be on this journey with you now.

To Your Wildness,
Sigourney Belle

"Sigourney is a serious powerhouse of intuition and magic!"

See What Others Are Saying 
Jessica Anne
Energetic Healer & Coach
"Having a Business Summoning with Sigourney was like being reborn.
Prior to the session I was stuck. I knew where I was at the time was no longer serving me but where I was going felt inaccessible and out of reach. I was stagnating and so was my business.

I reached out to Sigourney not knowing exactly what I was seeking but trusting that she would be able to connect me with exactly what it was that I needed.

If you are someone who is interested in developing a relationship of flow and deep fulfilment with your business, I’d highly recommend a Business Summoning with Sigourney."
"Sigourney Weldon
What a fucking POWERHOUSE…

I mean like LEGIT fucking powerhouse...
She’s taught me so much and I admire her greatly...The energetics that actually CREATE the business you desire to have. How to embody self worth through using various self empowerment tools on a daily basis. The importance of rituals and routines to create a foundational structure for my business. How to embrace my shadow and just how beautiful that ACTUALLY is.

That DEPTH and CREATIVITY is truly the hallmark of my own existence and I admire the mirrored."
Kelly Roland
"Sigourney was like a psychic soul-surgery. I started feeling it, this growing and ripening sensation, before we even got on the call, multiple days before.
The space she holds is straight-forward, attuned, and no BS. We were able to get to the core of some issues I was grappling with, quickly. I left the call feeling empowered and ready to make choices around decisions I had been putting off for months.
As an entrepreneur and intuitive guide myself, it is so invaluable for me to receive guidance and support around the alignment of my energy and my business. I LOVE working with Sigourney, and will continue to come to her for adjustments and insight"

"But Hey - Don't Take My Word For IT!"

Founder of Masters of Business Alchemy


"These are tears of joy, sweetheart. They are the expression of a heart full of gratitude, not only for being your mama, but also for the life I've created in this past 3 months, for the tools & the awareness to be the best version of myself, so I can show you by example, the way. These tears are worth gold sweetheart, because they mean my heart is open & I can love all of me and all of you. I cry because I am so happy. Happy that I can teach & show up for other people. Happy that I can help them believe in themselves so much that they also harvest these feelings of joy & gratitude."

"We journeyed together for 3 months & we witnessed each other in the most real, raw & authentic version of ourselves. We supported each other unconditionally and we weaved a bond that goes beyond what words can describe."

Now we own our magic, our business, LIKE A BOSS. It is calming to my heart that I didn't have to do it alone, that I had love & laughter. The teachings of the Summoning changed my life & my family's life.”
Poet & Teacher of The Feminine Gnosis

"Sigourney is a serious powerhouse of intuition and magic"

"I was completely blown away by her ability to quickly read and reflect the complexities within my energy field. Within minutes she revealed connections between aspects of my life I had never seen as related, as well as supported me to discern how much I was carrying in my field that wasn’t mine. I was amazed by how skillfully she guided me into the emotional roots that needed to be felt and released and how efficiently she was able to clear energetic patterns in a way that was visceral, somatic and embodied. This was full-on medicine I could feel working on multiple levels within my energy body.

I was amazed by how deep we went in just an hour. I felt Sigourney remaining compassionately and delicately attuned to me the whole time. Her capacity for receptivity and listening is exquisite, while at the same time she has a profound capacity to penetrate beyond the surface. Part soul midwife, part energetic ninja, this woman holds a strong container where I felt I could be completely safe to open up and let go.

In the days that followed I found myself having massive revelations and releasing patterns that have lived in me my entire life. Suddenly what seemed extremely complex became fluid, simple and easy. This is such a big part of the medicine I sense from this woman: She holds the wound with simultaneous seriousness and the lightness of an open hand. I respect and trust her fully."

Here's A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book

Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:
  • Why the 1% of the most successful women in business do not think like the status quo
  • Why putting off finding your natural connection to the wild spirit inside of you is costing you time/energy/money… and it is absolutely essential that you STOP putting it off today.
  • The hidden secrets of ancient realms that will serve you even more powerfully today in the modern world (when you have access to these secrets, you will never feel “lost” or off your course again)
  • The TRUTH about why most women will never discover their natural, wild essence that is their birthright
  • If you are exhausted and drained at the end of the day with no time for self-care, then you must absolutely learn how to charge yourself with natural sustainable energy by connecting to your divine, feminine wildness (HINT: your tapped into it all the time but your awareness of it is just blocked)
  • Why "working hard" is not always the best approach when it comes to launching and growing your business
  • Why the “I have to settle” mentality has become the 'go to' for so many hard-working women entrepreneurs, and the TRUTH behind who is really winning at this game
  • The #1 secret that makes you a wild business entrepreneur
  • If you're suspecting that the old paradigms to make money and grow a business are not giving you the entire truth... you are not alone! Once you understand what's really behind those institutions’ agendas, you will never be fooled again
  • The TRUTH about why most people will never find true financial freedom
  • How to make sure you break out of the boom and bust cycle forever! (Newsflash: When you are aligned with your wild, creative feminine essence, you have opportunities that COME to you almost effortlessly)
  • If you've been "playing it safe" by staying in a job or business that is not fulfilling you on every level, then you need to understand that it probably will only get harder every year you wait
  • The #1 way to know 100% certain that you are aligned with your intuition (when you know how to spot this, you will NEVER lose your intuitive connection again)
  • Why surrounding yourself with others who are also on their wild business path is the fastest way to guarantee you find yours (HINT: it’s much easier than you’ve been told)
  • How to wake up every day with ENERGY and EXCITEMENT about the business you are growing
  • And much, much more! ...

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Wild Business™

Your copy of WILD BUSINESS™ will be delivered to your doorstep, PLUS immediate access to the Digital eBook, all for $37.97
Purpose Code Book Hard Cover Book
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